A cost effective solution to provide private online community connection and bidirectional collaboration for a predictable monthly fee.

Do you have a group of people that need web based access to a set of information but you would like to put it behind a locked door?

The GYG Membership Portal can provide access to web based content for approved members only for a low cost effective monthly subscription.

GYG membership portal SaaS

Do you need to display different content to different groups of members based on group member demos?

The GYG Membership Portal can group members and then present access to different menu options, pages and entire categories of content based on said group affiliation, enabling you to post content that is wide open for everyone to see, or as granular as Board of Director Financials for a select few.

GYG membership portal SaaS group security

Do you need standard WYSIWYG HTML Editors for the average layperson to add content to designated sections of your membership site?

Every section within the portal has a designated group of content providers. Said providers use a standard HTML Editor to provide rich looking content postings. If they can click buttons to bold, resize, change fonts, etc., they will be able to effectively publish professional looking content for your members.

GYG membership portal SaaS HTML editor
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