GYG Technologies: Solutions-as-a-Service

Wish you could have it all without breaking the bank?

The service model is a change from traditional software license purchase agreements. With a Solution-as-a-Service framework we can offer an entire end-to-end solution for a low, predictable, monthly fee instead of the traditional approach of expensive up front license agreements.

GYG Technologies Subscription SaaS Model Pricing

Now it’s easy to get started

You don’t need to spend months analyzing ROI with in-depth capital expenditure charts in order to carve out a significant amount of money up front. With a Solution-as-a-Service you can get started quickly and inexpensively.

GYG Technologies Subscription SaaS Model Pricing Easy Start

Don’t want to be tied down for many years?

Solution-as-a-Service arrangements typically are month to month and do not require a long term commitment. If your business requirements change and our solution no longer fits your needs you are free to walk away at anytime.

GYG Technologies Subscription SaaS Model Pricing Free to Go
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