Cost effective, secure, web based and fully hosted portal for bidirectional communication between corporate, wholesale and retail locations

Do you have multiple sites? Do you have 100s, 1,000s or 10s of thousands of employees and need to effectively communicate with them?

The GYG Corporate Intranet Service brings together all of your human resources through a highly secure web based portal, providing messaging, collaboration, content and more.

GYG Corporate Intranet SaaS Model

Do you need a highly scalable, highly secure, robust employee portal that can handle 10s of thousands of employees and millions of logins?

The GYG Corporate Intranet service has provided effective community notification, collaboration and content presentation to small 100 asset groups to large corporate chains with 10s of thousands of employees, all for one, low, predictable monthly service fee.

GYG Corporate Intranet Saas Scaleability

Are you wasting money on paper forms and printed newsletters?

By leveraging electronic forms and digital content, customized request forms are routed the designated destinations and company leadership memos are posted in seconds for all to see.

GYG Corporate Intranet SaaS communicate

Is Human Resource constantly fielding calls on time and attendance, payroll, vacation, benefits, tax forms, and onboarding needs?

Lower overhead and increase productivity by placing all of your Human Resource needs into the GYG Corporate Intranet Service and let your assets access their own schedule, payroll and vacation days. Route vacation time-off request forms to appropriate managers.

GYG Corporate Intranet SaaS Human Resource forms

Do you or your store managers need to immediately communicate a message to all or a group of employees?

Content providers may be given the ability to alert new content postings to a group of employees via email and/or SMS.

GYG Corporate Intranet SaaS employee communication

Do you need to upload, organize and store sensitive material made visible only to a select few?

With portal content tied directly to security groups, you can lock down entire sections, pages and content thereof to a single person, small group of executive committee members or corporate employees only.

GYG Corporate Intranet SaaS secure
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