Communication is always key. You owe it to your most important resources and provide them with private and secure method of company communication and collaboration

Corporate Leadership Level Communications

Communicate company news and corporate leadership messages to all employees, with ease, and aggregate like content into category subsets that automatically archive. With default category avatars, even the technologically challanged can publish beautiful looking content with ease.

Corporate Intranet Leadership

Location Specific Content

While corporate communication downward is important, it is just as important to allow local centers to have their own area of the Corporate Intranet. Grant local content providers access to publishing content related to local events. Employees affiliated to that location will see local messaging in addition to corporate leadership content, while other employees from other locations will have a different custom display.

Corporate Intranet Location Specific Messaging

Securely Access From Anywhere

Being a fully cloud hosted service, your Corporate Intranet site is accessible on any web browser from any location; from work, home or school and on any connected device such as laptop, tablet or phone.

Corporate Intranet Secure Web Access

Single Point of Entry

The Corporate Intranet Service can be the corporate single point of entry into all other web based corporate systems using state of the art Single Sign On (SSO) technology enabling a single username and password, and password management, to access all other corporate services, including Time and Attendance, Corporate Email Systems, Talent Management, Asset Onboarding and much more, all through the Corporate Intranet Service portal.

Corporate Intranet Single Point of Entry SSO

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Integration

You’re already performing human resource management practices through your existing HRIS system. Now use it to control employee access into the Corporate Intranet Suite. Intranet access, security groups and content access can be entirely controlled by your current HRIS system using system EIDs, position codes, home locations, department ID, employment status, benefit package and much more.

Corporate Intranet HRIS Human Resource Systems Integration
Corporate Intranet Content Providers

Custom Content Providers

Delegate individual or group control of specific areas load content into the Corporate Intranet System
Corporate Intranet Affiliation Content Display

Custom Display of Content

Dynamic, custom content is displayed to each employee based on store affiliation and other grouping criteria
Corporate Intranet Remote Location Local Messsaging

Location Level Sections

Each store location has it’s own area to provide localized content and messaging; as granular as ‘there is cake in the breakroom’ messaging
Corporate Intranet Outbound Messaging Email SMS Notifications

Outbound Alerting

If granted access, content providers can alert the group designated to see the new content via home page alerts, email and/or SMS messages
Corporate Intranet eSignature

eSignature Capture

Use an eSignature to capture a log of of everyone that has reviewed the latest employee handbook, or viewed this year’s PCI regulations, etc
Corporate Intranet Content Customization

Dynamic Display

One size doesn’t fit all. Funnel messaging content to the employee that is specific to them, including custom menu navigations as well as content presentation
Corporate Intranet Single Point of Entry SSO

Single Point of Entry

One entry point. Access to everything. Quit wasting resources managing security access to dozens of corporate web services. Manage one set of credentials for all
Corporate Intranet File Sharing

File Sharing

Quit emailing sales spreadsheets and Capital Expenditure requests back and forth. Centralize the document and let others access it through the portal
Corporate Intranet Company Collaboration


Allow employees to talk back! Collaborate on a project. Share files. Group comment on photo albums and more
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