Membership has it’s privileges. Use a secure web based portal to bring together your private members

Do you have an organization or membership affiliation that you need to bring together online?

Communication, collaboration and content organization sometimes requires a centralized web based portal to securely disseminate it to your members. You control who has access, and to what content they have access to. No software installation needed with this fully hosted, web-based, browser accessed membership portal.

GYG membership portal

Messaging and Content to all Members

Organize static content, files and forms in well defined categories that can be walked to through the 100% customizable menu system. Or, assign content providers to add pages, files, photos, forms and other content in their respective news feed categories that automatically display on the home page.

GYG membership portal messaging sms email alerting

Group Based Content Visibility

You can build one group of members, or thousands of groups of members, giving each individual group access to individual pages, categories, menus, files and forms throughout the members portal. You can open up your membership content to everyone, or lock some content down so only limited eyes, such as the Board of Directors, has visibility to it.

GYG membership portal content visibility by groups

Community Collaboration

Let your members add content, upload files, collaborate on private group chats, comment and like albums or individual photos within.

GYG membership portal collaboration
GYG membership portal content providers

Content Providers

Delegate individual or group control of specific areas load content into the Membership Portal.
GYG membership portal custom content

Custom Display of Content

Dynamic, custom content is displayed to each member based on member affiliation and other grouping criteria.
GYG membership portal alerting sms email

Outbound Alerting

If granted access, content providers can alert the group designated to see the new content via home page alerts, email and/or SMS messages.
GYG membership portal esignature capture

eSignature Capture

Use an eSignature to capture a log of of everyone that has reviewed legal documents, terms and commitments, or any other resource needing signature verification.
GYG membership portal dynamic content display

Dynamic Display

One size doesn’t fit all. Funnel messaging content to the member that is specific to them, including custom menu navigations as well as content presentation.
GYG membership portal SSO Single Point of Entry

Single Point of Entry

One entry point. Access to everything. Quit wasting resources managing security access to dozens of other member web services. Manage one set of credentials for all.
GYG membership portal group collaboration


Allow members to talk back! Collaborate on a project. Share files. Group comment on photo albums and more.
GYG membership portal File Sharing

File Sharing

Quit emailing organization files, board minutes and private info requests back and forth. Centralize the documents and let others access it through the portal.
GYG membership portal News Feed

News Feed

Create news feeds and articles with ease and assign them to like categories for automatic archiving and new arrival display on the home page.
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