Part of the success of running an integrated online storefront is doubling your retail presence without doubling your human resource expense

Inventory Automation

When adding an online storefront, don’t double your inventory management practices. Sync them. Our on-premise software can hook up to your existing inventory management processes and automate the replication of store specific pricing data.

Grocery store pricing inventory management automation

Custom Inventory Control

Want to control your online inventory display? Manage inventory pricing, category placement, tax classes, descriptions and more in your existing inventory management software, if possible, and pass it through to your online storefront. Or, use our fully functional Inventory Management Back Office solution to control inventory elements that cannot be managed through yours.

Online grocery shopping inventory management

Random / Variable Weight Items

Control item level inventory retail display options in your storefront such as Bananas and Apples, Steaks and Roasts, as well as 2-code Deli and Bakery items.

Online grocery shopping service random weight variable weight pricing
Online grocery shopping category management customization

Category Management

One size doesn’t fit all. Control your entire inventory category management layout for your online storefront inventory display.
Online grocery shopping inventory management back office

Inventory Management

Our solution allows for intimate inventory control for any/all inventory elements that cannot be synced with existing in-house inventory systems.
Online grocery shopping electronic coupon promotion codes

Electronic Coupon Management

Manage online shopping electronic coupon codes for all customers or specific groups; flat fees or percentage off; usage quantity or time limits.
Online grocery shopping paper coupon management

Paper Coupon Management

Manage your local store ad flyer paper coupons and tie them to specific items for final end pricing display online.
Online grocery shopping list processing

List Processing

Used for reporting, merchandising, pricing and more, build lists of items and customers based on managed sets of criteria to achieve targeted results.
Online grocery shopping reporting


Know everything there is to know about your customer. According to consumer behavioral science there cannot be too many analytical reports. We agree.
Online grocery shopping automated marketing

Automated Marketing

Automatically target specific sets of customers for different reasons based on preset conditions such as increased or decreased spending or shopping patterns
Online grocery shopping in-store order processing POS integration

Order Processing

Receive order pick sheets sorted according to your most efficient shopping pattern. Process the order directly through your in-store POS
Online grocery shopping Point of Sale POS integration transaction tender

POS Tendering

Limit the inventory touches. Shop and bag the order in-aisle and send the online transaction over to your in-store Point of Sale system for tendering
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