Connecting devices, people and satellite offices via secure corporate networks

Have a small office that needs a few devices connected?

GYG has the perfect solution to solve your small office networking requirements. Utilizing leading industry hardware and security protocols without breaking the bank. Using wired and wireless technology your devices, printers, computers and phones can all be on the same network.

GYG networking solution

Trying to bring together multiple offices into a single secure network?

Don’t let your technology infrastructure slow your business growth. GYG Technologies can design, implement and support a highly secure wide area corporate network giving your business development team a launching pad for growth and expansion.

GYG networking solution multiple locations

Upgrading your existing corporate network?

Sometimes the most dangerous business decision is no decision at all. If you have outgrown your network capabilities and need to expand without interrupting existing business continuity, our professional network engineering team can help map out a customized end-to-end network upgrading and transitioning blueprint.

GYG networking solution improve bandwidth

Scale to meet demand

GYG Technologies can design and implement a corporate network that meets today’s demands yet scalable for tomorrow’s growth. Don’t design yourself into a networking corner. Contact a GYG network engineer to see how to design a highly secure corporate network that scales with ease to match corporate growth.

GYG networking scale network to meet demand
GYG networking LAN configuration

LAN Networking

Connecting all of your devices and people into secure local area network.
GYG networking WAN connectivity VPN private network

WAN Networking

Bring satellite offices into your secure corporate network as if they were under the same roof.
GYG networking Wi-Fi access point router configure

Wi-Fi Networking

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous in today’s network landscape. If done wrongly, you could expose highly sensitive material.
GYG networking scaleable


Networks at the speed of business. Implement a solution that easily scales to meet constantly changing business demands.
GYG networking video conferencing bandwidth scale improvement

Video Conferencing

Build a network that supports the intensive demands if HD video conferencing.
GYG networking VoIP telephony Voice over IP telephone

VoIP Telephony

Give precedence to telephony network traffic to assure seamless customer connectivity.
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