GYG Technologies History Lesson

GYG Technologies, Inc. - Our History

In order to solve a market share expansion goal for our family owned grocery chain, we set out to build the grocery industry’s first fully integrated and automated end-to-end online grocery shopping home delivery solution.

That was 1996; shortly after the birth of the world wide web as we know it today, and couple years before the birth of Google, which makes us about a 200 year old company today in tech years.

After many, many months of charting new waters and designing a novel business plan to complement the grocery industry’s extremely thin profit margins and subsequent labor resource restraints, at the same time accommodating consumer’s demand for same day short notice home delivery of every available item in the store, we launched the software development process to build the dream.

As a result, was born; the first grocery home delivery service built by grocers, for grocers, for the grocery industry, and thousands of infant-internet users started shopping for their groceries online and having them delivered from their local brick-and-mortar grocery store with one-hour notification covering 6,000 square miles.



With the grocery industry’s succuessful home delivery business model in place and subsequent proprietary technology built to support it, was making headlines and other grocery retailers were taking note. As a result, GYG Services, and today, GYG Technologies, Inc., has assisted single store retailers and large grocery chains from all over the US in implementing fully automated and fully hosted end-to-end online home delivery solutions complementing their existing in-store retail processes.


We know grocery. We know online delivery. With over 20 years of domain space practice GYG Technologies set the standard for end-to-end grocery commerce. Then again, after 100 million transactions in our rear view mirror, what would you expect?

Today, we provide solutions to many verticals over multiple industries and help our clients solve complex business problems in the ever-changing landscape of technology and security.

Our smallest client has one employee. Our largest has about 20,000 employees. GYG Technologies, Inc. undoubtedly has a vast array of solutions and services for your organization, from web based fully hosted secure Corporate Intranet portals to Membership portals; VoIP Telephony to Corporate Email systems; Network Security to Wireless Networks; Web Design to Web Application Development; Project Management to Project Implementation.

While our services have grown, our solutions have matured, our satisfied customers ever expanding, GYG Technologies, Inc. continues to solve every customer’s business problem with a 1996 hands on intimate problem solving approach, known to our customers as the GYG Commitment

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